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Sustainability - our charter

The sustainability of our world is the major issue of our times. For everyone, the time for action is right now.

As leaders in tertiary education, we have a special role to play. We will demonstrate good practice and prepare our graduates to lead in sustainability across all sectors, industries and beyond national borders. 

The framework for this work is the Ara Sustainability Charter. The charter details our vision and what we mean by 'sustainability'. It also records our principles for action and the roles and responsibilities of our Council, leaders, staff, students and partners to bring our sustainability to life.

View the Ara Sustainability Charter

Our Sustainability Vision

On this waka we are all connected with each other, those who have been and those yet to come. We travel with energy toward sustainability. Our actions inspire and influence our communities, our future and our world to be prosperous. When the paddle dips in the water, the ripples travel far beyond our view.