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In December 2016, the Chief Ombudsman, Judge Peter Boshier, advised entities covered by the Official Information Act and related legislation that his office had decided to publish six-monthly reports on official information complaints received by his office and the outcomes of their investigations.

In responding to this initiative, Te Kāhui Manukura, the Leadership Group of Ara, decided to match the Ombudsman by publishing a six-monthly report on the complaints and enquiries received by the Ara Institute of Canterbury at the Executive level.

As a large organisation with a diverse community, we understand that issues, differences and disagreements can arise from time to time. Wherever possible we aim to resolve these situations. To enable this to happen, we have procedures in place.

Depending on the nature of the issue you can:

  • Talk to the person/people involved to see if you can resolve the matter together
  • Speak to our Student Advocate
  • Make a formal complaint (see below)

Useful links for more information

Submitting a formal complaint

Before making a formal complaint, we encourage you to read our Complaints Policy to gain an understanding of the procedure. Then either download a Complaint Form or fill in the form below.

Please indicate whether you are a student or member of the public by ticking the box below and supplying the information requested

Relationship to Ara
Are you an O house resident?

Please indicate by ticking the box below your awareness of the Ara processes, your permission(s) and, preferred process for complaint management

Read the CPP117c Ara Student Complaints Procedure here.

Please indicate if you would like support or are actively engaged with Ara support services

What is the nature of your problem/complaint?