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Student Stories

I discovered I could do things I didn’t think I was capable of.

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Brynlea Stocks

Outdoor education student Karisa Webster reckons the outdoors are great for physical and mental wellbeing. She loves engaging in the environment and confidently throws herself into all the adventures her course offers.

Karisa Webster

Hospitality worker Summer McKinnon liked the idea of a career in outdoor education. But because she didn’t have much of an outdoor or adventure background, she decided to test the waters first by studying a diploma, rather than jumping in ‘boots and all’ with a degree.

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Summer McKinnon

I couldn’t recommend Ara and my degree more.

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Brooke McHardy

Raquelle de Vine’s career is all at sea – in a good way. The Bachelor of Sustainability and Outdoor Education graduate is the oceanographic research vessel co-ordinator for California-based Algalita Marine Research and Education.

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Raquelle de Vine

Variety is something Cat Kearsley relishes as an outdoor education professional and her career so far has included plenty of it.

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Cat Kearsley

Arthur Machado is a great example of the diversity of career opportunities that exist for graduates of sustainability and outdoor education programmes at Ara.

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Arthur Machado