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The Executive Option

The Executive Option of the Bachelor of Broadcasting Communications enables current working media professionals (generally those with the equivalent of five years full-time industry experience or more) to gain this highly regarded degree inside two years through part time, off-campus study.

The programme is aimed at enhancing your understanding of industry issues, and giving you the skills to analyse them and to speak, write and think authoritatively about them.

The Executive Option has three stages:

Stage 1 - Industry-based Skill Development and Practice

This is where you apply for recognition of your prior experience. Your work experience and industry knowledge will be assessed and, if sufficient, will be translated into credits towards the degree. Even if you don't start the next stage immediately, this remains valid provided you complete stages 2 and 3 within five years.

Stage 2 - Media Ecology

Your professional experience is a key component of your study in Stage 2. Media Ecology focuses on the economic, political, technological and global issues facing your industry and the media in general. Through a series of linked projects, you'll develop your skills in analysis, research and writing.

You have 40 weeks to complete assignments, during which you will:

  • be exposed to a range of research and debate on the media
  • develop your skills in research and report/essay writing
  • enhance your ability to analyse and construct your own arguments on the influences that shape our media
  • acquire the distance learning skills needed to successfully complete your final projects

Stage 3 - Project(s)

Under the supervision of an experienced media researcher you will prepare, complete and deliver applied or research project(s) of your own choosing.  This final stage will build on the principles introduced during Stage 2.

Your Stage 3 project(s) can be designed around your work situation with your employer's support. The nature and the resources can be negotiated with your supervising tutor and appropriate industry contacts. You have up to 40 weeks to complete this stage.

The next step

If you have any questions or you require any further information about the Executive Option, please call us on 0800 24 24 76.

It's clear from our experience that workplace support can significantly help off-campus study. For example your employer may agree to pay the initial study costs or offer some other form of assistance. We can advise you on this and other options if you're interested to know more.

To start the process, an Application for Recognition of Prior Learning and an Admission and Enrolment form need to be completed and submitted.