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Safety and Wellbeing Reporting

An accurate report needs to be completed as soon as possible, but within 48 hours for any incidents, or near misses involving Ara staff, students, visitors, or contractors.

Please advise the Safety and Wellbeing Manager immediately in the event of a serious injury or incident.

If you are an Ara colleague, please complete an online incident report here.

If you are an Ara student, please contact a Tutor or Student Support person to report an incident on your behalf.

If you are a visitor or contractor, please contact the Ara leader who engaged you or who you were visiting.

Thank you for helping make Ara a SafePlace!

Here is a quick guide for the SafePlace report types:

Near Miss

Report an incident that nearly resulted in harm. 
E.g. near collision, projectile does not hit anyone.

Minor Incident

Report an incident that did result in minor harm. 
E.g. slips, trips, or falls.


Report an incident that did result in bodily harm. 
E.g. chemical spill, heavy machinery, or vehicle accident.

Safety Observation

Proactive reporting to help keep everyone safe. 
E.g. identifying risks, compliments, safety suggestions.

Pain & Discomfort

Report a gradual progression of pain or discomfort. 
E.g. hearing loss or repetitive strain injury.

Health or Wellbeing

Report a medical event or issue with psychological harm. 
E.g. epileptic fit or harassment.

Please email all reporting requests or questions to