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Stephan Kolsbjerg Ragunathan

When Stephan Kolsbjerg Ragunathan’s university in Denmark formed a partnership with Ara Institute of Canterbury, he seized the opportunity to apply for a study exchange.

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“My main reasons were to study in English, learn cultural diversity and gain new perspectives in the business field,” he says.

Stephan took courses in applied management at Ara and was pleased to find that they were on a par with his studies in Denmark. “I learned a lot, which was good. I didn’t have any big challenges but it was a bit different studying in English all the time. It took a week or two to get used to it.”

He also appreciated the support he received as an exchange student. “I loved the tutors. They were all very friendly and ready to help if there was anything I needed.”

To anyone else considering a study exchange, Stephan says to “just do it” but be open minded. “Talk to as many cultures as possible and learn from the diversity between cultures.”