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Kia Rite - Getting Ready

Ko te manu kai miro, nōna te ngāhere.
Those who pursue fruits will only know the forest.
Ko te manu kai mātauranga, nōna te ao.
But those who pursue knowledge will know the world.

To help you get ready, here are some simple tips.

1. Enrolment – do it once, do it well

Once you receive confirmation of your enrolment, go through the enrolment pack and make sure everything is there and all the details are correct. Make a note of all the resources you will need, and don’t forget to get your student ID.

2. Go on a walk-about

Find out where all of your classes are. It sucks getting lost and turning up late.

Drop in to Student Central and introduce yourself to our Māori Learning and Student Support Advisors. They’ll be stoked to meet you and see that you’re getting yourself ready.

Pay a visit to the library and discover what resources you can use to help you learn.

Swing by the Māori study space and hollah out to other Māori students there.

3. Get connected – WiFi, Moodle and other online resources

To connect to the Ara network and access online content (including Moodle), follow the instructions in your enrolment confirmation pack.

If you need assistance, please contact or visit the ICT team at your nearest campus.

Be sure to download the MyAra app to see your class timetable and course results, and access all of the latest news, updates and activities on campus.

4. If in doubt, ask for help

If you’re feeling nervous or unsure about anything, then give us a ring or drop in to speak to one of our Kaitoko Ako Māori Learning Advisors or Kaitaunaki Māori Student Advisors. It’s our job to help you.

Tūwhitia te hopo.
Feel the fear, and do it anyway.