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Supporting Community Projects

If you’ve got a community project that requires trades-related services to make it happen, our Trades department may be able to help.

Students studying carpentry, automotive plumbing, electrical, engineering and other trades are keen to gain experience working on real-world projects. If your project meets Ara’s learning criteria and other conditions, our students may be able to undertake the work, under the guidance of their tutors.

 Ara's Department of Trades will evaluate each application on:

  • the project’s scope aligning to programme learning outcomes
  • the project’s requirements aligning to student capabilities
  • the project’s size aligning to programme duration and requirements
  • realistic expectations on the part of the requesting party
  • clearly visible community value with outcomes aligned to Ara values
  • full transparency regarding any allied cost or liability to Ara
  • manageable health, safety and wellbeing risks associated with the project

Before submitting an application, please note:

  • support and assistance generally extends only to the provision of supervised semi-skilled workers and baseline tools and equipment
  • support doesn’t generally extend to the provision of materials, except in cases of small projects which may only require materials normally utilised by students for on-site learning
  • detail and transparency is requested at the outset to ensure that expectations and limitations are absolutely clear to all parties

We invite you to submit an application for consideration.