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Ngā ratonga tangata

Human Services

Human services workers make a difference in people’s lives by providing support, advocacy and education to individuals, whānau, families, groups and communities.

Usually, a professional in this field will specialise in a specific area, for example working with certain age groups or communities or in certain areas such as supporting people who have mental or physical health issues, employment support or working with families.

Our human services programmes in health and wellbeing provide a strong foundation of knowledge for employment or professional development. Depending on the study strand you choose, areas of employment include disability support, diversional therapy, mental health and addiction support, community development, family violence support, social justice advocacy and refugee support.

These programmes will empower you to build on your current knowledge and skills by equipping you with a greater theoretical understanding of the ways of providing care and support to clients. You’ll further develop your skills and have work-integrated learning experiences.

The teaching philosophy focuses on inclusive strategies that support you in both your professional and academic development, including ways of using technologies to support your learning.