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Te Puna Wānaka

Māori and Pacific

Immerse yourself in language and culture and contribute to the success of your community.

Ko wai te whare nei? Ko Te Mātauranga Māori 
Mō wai te whare nei? Mō tātou katoa
What is the name of this place? It is the place of evolved knowledge
For whom does it provide? For all that seek it.

Nau Mai Ki Te Mātāpuna o te Mātauraka - Welcome to Te Puna Wānaka at Ara.

We invite you to place your story in the midst of this exciting chapter of Māori and Pacific self-determination, language revitalisation and community success. Our proud tradition of Māori and Pacific engagement includes a formal relationship with local iwi Ngāi Tahu, commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi principles.

Te Puna Wānaka is located at our City campus in Christchurch.

NB: If you’re still at high school, a Dual Enrolment programme at Ara can equip you with skills while you continue your education at school. Find out more here

When you join the Te Puna Wānaka family you join an extended network that connects you to both the traditions of the past and the dreams of the future. Your individual journey becomes part of a wider journey supported by and inspired by the elders, the local iwi community, businesses and your dedicated tutors.

Designed to enhance your learning experience, ours is a stimulating and supportive whānau environment at Te Puna Wānaka. The building itself carries all the symbolism of a traditional wharenui Te Mātauranga Māori although it is highly stylised using modern materials and design. The Te Puna Wānaka values of manaakitanga, aroha, rangatiratanga and whanaungatanga exist easily within such a facility.

We offer a range of full time and part time courses in Māori and Pacific Studies Sports Training (TOA Sports) and Indigenous Culture and Māori language. Māori language qualifications are offered from entry level foundation studies through to programmes at certificate, diploma and degree level and are grounded in te reo and tikanga at all levels.

Workforce restrictions apply for those employed in sectors working with children. See the full workforce restrictions.

If you think you may require modifications in order to undertake the practical components of a particular course of study, we encourage you to discuss these with us so we can give them careful consideration.

As it may take time to consider and implement any modifications, please contact as early as possible prior to the course starting. We’ll also need to check that there’s no risk of harm to you or anyone else before making a final decision.

Throughout this process we’ll communicate with you in a clear and timely manner.

Related programmes & courses

Intermediate Te Reo Maori - Te Kaupae 5

Gain Te Reo skills for the workplace and the Māori-speaking community.

19 Weeks

Certificate in Samoan Language (Gagana Sāmoa)

Increase your understanding of Samoan language and culture for everyday social, community and work situations.

10 Weeks
Language and Education Pacific

Elementary Te Reo Maori - Te Kaupae 3

Gain beginner Te Reo skills for everyday life and work.

19 Weeks

Beginners Te Reo Maori - Te Kaupae 2

Start your te reo journey of discovery.

19 Weeks
Starts: February
Madras Street

Gagana Samoa

This 10-hour short course will give you a solid foundation in the basics of Samoan language.

5 Weeks

Te Hoe 1

This course is a 10-hour introductory Māori language course for students with no knowledge of Te Reo Māori or Tikanga Māori, where you'll acquire very basic skills in pronunciation and introductory phrases.

10 Hours

Introduction to Te Reo and Tikanga Workshop

Gain an understanding of basic Te Reo and Māori culture and learn how to use your new skills in the workplace and other settings.

10 Hours

Everyday Te Reo Workshop

A friendly introduction into Te Reo Māori pronunciation, greetings and farewells.

3 Hours

Introduction to the Treaty of Waitangi

Build your organisation’s understanding of the Treaty of Waitangi and learn how to create a partnership of respect and trust.

3 Hours

Pacific Cultural Competency Workshop

Learn how to better understand the Pacific culture by attending this hands-on workshop.

3 Hours
Starts: November
Madras Street