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Excel Commonly Used Formulas


Take your knowledge of Excel formulas to the next level.

Know the basics of creating formula in Excel but want to take it to the next step and explore some of the commonly used formulas? This webinar will introduce to some of the most commonly used formulas used in excel to perform calculations, alter text, lookup values and enter dates.

Learn how to:

  • Absolute and relative cell referencing
  • IF Function
  • UPPER/LOWER/PROPER text functions
  • Date functions

Online, 1pm - 2pm

Course Code ACCF100
Estimated Time 1 Hour
Cost $52

Please note: You may be charged a portion of the Compulsory Student Services Fee that supports our services available to students. For full information on the Compulsory Student Services Fee, visit fees and finance.

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Excel Commonly Used Formula - May 2024 - Online
Start date: 08 May 2024
Excel Commonly Used Formula - Jul 2024 - Online
Start date: 24 July 2024
Excel Commonly Used Formula - Oct 2024 - Online
Start date: 16 October 2024