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How the CAPL process works

Here’s a step-by-step guide to how the process works.

  1. Read the information pack and decide if the CAPL process is right for you (you may first want to discuss your on-the-job experience and/or previous qualification with a CAPL representative to identify which Ara qualification best suits your needs).
  2. Download the relevant application pack and submit your application.
  3. Attend an interview with CAPL / assessment staff.
  4. Agree on a pathway and accept the study fee service agreement.
  5. Gather evidence of your experience and address any skill gaps (this is where you where you start to compile what you know and research/study any areas you may be missing).
  6. Undertake an assessment (this may involve a series of discussions with an assessor or making a presentation to a panel to demonstrate your expertise in relation to the qualification).
  7. Receive your qualification (once you’ve completed the assessment, you’ll be awarded the whole qualification, or credits towards the qualification. If the latter, CAPL staff will work with you to create a pathway to completing the remainder of the qualification).