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About CAPL

Through CAPL, your experience could translate into part or all of a career-enhancing qualification.

Assessment of prior learning is available in a range of subjects and qualifications including certificates, diplomas and degrees. It’s open to anyone who’s gained knowledge and skills from different sources, including:

• Formal learning
• Work experience
• Workplace training
• Life experience
• Voluntary work

CAPL uses Ara tutors and resources to assess your experience (plus any previous courses, credits and qualifications you may have) against the academic requirements of an Ara qualification that best aligns with your skills and knowledge.

If any knowledge or skill gaps are identified during the assessment process, you’ll be given a completion pathway that outlines what you need to do to fill those gaps. This may involve gaining further experience or taking some Ara courses. Once you’ve done that and been reassessed, you’ll receive your qualification.

You can undertake the CAPL process at your own pace and in your own time so it won’t affect work or other commitments.