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Keren Wright

With an interest in healthy living and a desire to help people, Keren Wright decided after finishing high school to study towards a health-related career.

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So she started with a Certificate in Pre-Health and is now studying a Bachelor of Musculoskeletal Health.

She chose to study at Ara because of its reputation for practical learning. “Ara offers a hands-on experience which, for me, is the best way to learn,” she says. “I enjoy the fact that I’m learning in smaller groups than I would at university. It means more one-on-one time with tutors, which makes all the difference. Getting to know them has been very valuable.”

Keren says her three tutors are all very different with different teaching styles. “They each have their own way of connecting with the whole class and making sure each person understands what is being taught. They’re also patient, friendly and welcoming - I never feel like I can’t ask for help when needed.”

Learning by doing, rather than by listening, has been a highlight of Keren’s studies so far. “It’s been practical right from the get-go and all the subjects relate to each other in some way, so everything we’re learning is helping us build knowledge for each subject. Being able to spend time learning the right techniques and having the experience with real people is my favourite thing about the course.”

Another aspect Keren loves about her programme is how each week is structured. “The weeks are set out very clearly and we know what to expect beforehand in terms of content. That means we can prepare however we like, which is very beneficial.”