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Japanese is a highly relevant language for anyone serious about commerce, trade and international relations, and those wishing to experience Japan's fascinating culture and lifestyle.

Career opportunities for fluent Japanese speakers are diverse, ranging from business and tourism to diplomacy and education and New Zealanders have many reasons to become fluent in the language.

These include:

  • Trade: Japan is New Zealand's fourth largest export market and also our fourth largest import market
  • Teaching: New Zealand was a founding member of the Japan Exchange and Teaching programme (JET). Due to this long-standing relationship, New Zealanders are viewed favourably when applying for teaching positions in Japan
  • Science: New Zealand and Japan signed a science and technology co-operation agreement in 2009 and established a Japan-New Zealand Science Commission. This presents work opportunities in research and development in both countries
  • Tourism: New Zealand is a popular destination for Japanese tourists and Japan will need many foreign language translators and interpreters from outside of its borders when it hosts the Olympics in 2021.

Ara has been teaching Japanese for about three decades and provides full and part time study options ranging from absolute beginner classes through to degree courses.

We cater for all levels of fluency starting with foundation courses for beginners through to degree level programmes. All our programmes focus on high levels of spoken fluency preparing learners to communicate appropriately in a wide range of settings from informal social interaction to formal business environments.

Our Japanese language teaching staff are highly qualified professionals with skills in communicative language teaching, translation, interpreting and international communication. They understand the practices required to immerse yourself in another language and use a diverse set of techniques to ensure you meet your proficiency goals. The result is that Ara graduates are consistently recognised for their high level of fluency.