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Charlotte Mulder

Excellence scholarship

As former Head Girl of Craighead Diocesan School in Timaru, 18-year-old Charlotte Mulder has always had ambitions to build a connection with others and strive for personal success. She’s a natural-born storyteller and has dreams to become a household name as a journalist in New Zealand’s media scene. Coming into the first year of her broadcasting degree at Ara Institute of Canterbury, Charlotte was honoured to be awarded an Excellence Scholarship from Ara, and is excited to begin the path to her future career.

What Ara programme are you studying?

I’m in the first year of a Bachelor of Broadcasting Communications, majoring in Journalism, through the New Zealand Broadcasting School (NZBS).

Why did you apply for Ara’s Excellence scholarship?

I made sure to apply for as many scholarships as possible as they give me the chance to get involved within more communities and help to relieve financial stress for myself and my parents. This scholarship will have a significant monetary impact for me when I begin my career, as it reduces my student loan.

What did you highlight about yourself in your Ara scholarship application?

I shared my personal background and passion for the broadcasting industry. At Craighead I was Head Girl and balanced roles across the school in several different areas. I describe myself as an intrinsically motivated person who also encourages others to strive for personal excellence.

What positive change did you make as Head Girl at Craighead Diocesan School?

As Craighead Head Girl for 2021, I'm glad to say that I challenged the status quo and hence the traditional expectations of what a Head Girl is. I wanted to be remembered as someone who students felt confident to approach around the hallways and to share any issues about the school with. I was also thrilled to hear back from my English teacher that I've inspired a few students to apply for NZBS, which is a huge achievement to get the Ara name out there in the Timaru community.

Why did you choose to study at Ara?

NZBS has one of the best reputations within New Zealand for young journalists who have a passion for storytelling and communications. After attending the NZBS information session last year, it instantly confirmed my initial attraction. My school English teacher, Kate Morgan, had encouraged me to take a different path from the typical university experience and follow my passions. So far, I’m pleased with my study choice as Ara appears to foster a hard-working and supportive environment. Also, not only does Ara offer a shorter, more condensed degree, but I am able to learn the practical skills of a journalist. I'm provided with many exciting opportunities in my course, specifically the six-month industry-based internship in the final year.

Why did you choose to study Broadcasting?

I have always pictured myself travelling around New Zealand, reporting on live stories and meeting new people every day. I'd like to gain more experience so that in time I will be honoured to work alongside exceptional journalists such as Jenny Suo or Jack Tame, who are also graduates of the New Zealand Broadcasting School.

What advice would you give school leavers about studying?

Studying after secondary school isn’t for everyone, and no one should feel pressured to go through tertiary education just because their friends are. I’d say to other school leavers who want to study, to choose something you’re passionate about, and that will make you genuinely happy. I'm really grateful that my friends and family supported me to take a different approach and attend Ara, rather than a university.

How did you find out about Ara's scholarships?

Through the Ara website. When I first looked on the scholarships page last year, I saw that both the Leadership and Excellence scholarships initially closed in July; however, I kept an eye out during the year and to my surprise applications were extended which I was able to apply for.

What would you say to school leavers thinking about applying for scholarships?

It’s worth taking that extra time out of your day to share why you deserve to be a successful applicant, you never know what might happen.