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Ara Board Meetings

Members of the public are entitled to attend board meetings, subject to section 48 of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (LGOIMA).

Board papers will be not be available for inspection at our offices in light of COVID-19 until further notice.

The meeting agenda and associated reports can be requested at least two working days before the meeting by emailing the Ara Executive Officer


Ara Institute of Canterbury Ltd Board Meetings
23 February Open Agenda (PDF 4MB) Board Minutes (PDF 184KB)
30 March Open Agenda (PDF 2MB) Board Minutes (PDF 184KB)
27 April Open Agenda (PDF 4MB) Board Minutes (PDF 178KB)
25 May  Open Agenda (PDF 3MB)
29 June  Open Agenda (PDF 3MB)
27 July Open Agenda (PDF 3MB)
31 August Open Agenda (PDF 3MB)
28 September Open Agenda (PDF 2MB)
26 October  
30 November  


Ara Institute of Canterbury Council Meetings
28 January Meeting agenda (PDF 2MB)
25 February Meeting agenda (PDF 2MB)
31 March Meeting agenda (PDF 2MB)
Ara Institute of Canterbury Ltd Board Meetings
2 April Open Agenda (PDF 68KB) Board Minutes (PDF 2MB)
28 April Open Agenda (PDF 3.7MB) Board Minutes (PDF 221KB)
26 May Open Agenda (PDF 3MB) Board Minutes (PDF 228KB)
30 June (Workshop – no public meeting)
28 July
Open Agenda (PDF 8MB)
Board Minutes (PDF 253KB)
25 August Open Agenda (PDF 8MB) Board Minutes (PDF 211KB)
29 September Open Agenda (PDF 3MB) Board Minutes (PDF 235KB)
27 October Open Agenda (PDF 13MB) Board Minutes (PDF 221KB)
24 November Open Agenda (PDF 3MB) Board Minutes (PDF 259KB)



26 February (PDF 4MB)

26 March (PDF 2MB)

30 April (PDF 2MB)

28 May (PDF 2MB)

10 July (PDF 2MB)

24 September (PDF 2MB)

29 October (PDF 2MB)

30 January (PDF 5MB)

27 February (PDF 4MB)

27 March (PDF 4MB)

1 May (PDF 9MB)

26 June (PDF 5MB)

20 August (PDF 7MB)

30 October (PDF 5MB)

28 March (PDF 3MB)

30 May (PDF 5.7MB)

27 June (PDF 4MB)

25 July (PDF 3.5MB)

29 August (PDF 4MB)

26 September (PDF 7MB)

31 October (PDF 5MB)